Massachusetts regulations require Responsible Vendor Training  taught by a CCC-accredited RVT Trainer for all Marijuana Establishment agents that “touch the plant”.

The Viridity Group recommends Bartucca Consulting which delivers the best RVT program at the lowest rate in Massachusetts!

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RVT Compliance Made Easy:

Bartucca Consulting LLC:  Anthony Bartucca, R.Ph., is a former DPH/CCC Senior Compliance Officer and Pharmacist with an extensive background in  Cannabis Compliance, Communicable Disease Training and pharmaceutical sterile and non-sterile compounding. As former Chairman of the Norwood Board of Health he is also well versed in sanitary requirements and the  food service industry. Being one of the first Responsible Vendor Trainers accredited by the CCC, Anthony has successfully performed RVT training for hundreds of agents at dispensaries and cultivation centers across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Anthony’s RVT classes consistently earn rave reviews due to his expertise and experience that can’t be matched. 

  • RVT is two-hour presentation followed by a brief exam (5-10 minutes). Agents must score 70% or better to receive RVT certification. New hires must earn RVT certification within 90 days of hire.

Online or Live RVT Classes:

  • Bartucca Consulting can train at your facility or online. If your facility cannot accommodate a large group, RVT can be done at a nearby location such as a hotel conference room.

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The Viridity Group has been retained by Bartucca Consulting to perform solicitation and billing functions only. The Viridity Group has no control or influence whatsoever of RVT content, evaluation or certification. Bartucca Consulting and The Viridity Group are compliant with all applicable CCC regulations and state laws.

Responsible Vendor Training

Online and Live RVT classes make it simple to get RVT Certification

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