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At The Viridity Group we strive to place talented professionals in positions that not only align with their long-term career goals but also adhere to our client’s core values, strategies, and business objectives.

Our team of cannabis industry professionals are constantly acquiring talent through recruiting, networking, and job fairs amounting in a flourishing database of high caliber candidates which cover an extensive range of skill sets.

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The Viridity Group focuses in staffing and recruiting for all sectors of the cannabis industry including: producers, processors, consumer brands, retailers, and subsidiary businesses. Consequently, we help our clients to fill imperative industry positions from entry to executive-level.

We take great pride in assuring that our candidates are the absolute best match for a given position. We perform extensive referral interviews and background checks to assure that our professionals will be successful long-term employees who provide quality and dependable services. This focus enables us to refer only the highest quality candidates and give our clients peace of mind, knowing that their new hire is there for the right reasons and will live up to their expectations.

Our expertise also helps to ease the process of qualifying and hiring capable candidates. Our team provides hands on customer service, communicating with you every step of the way to assure a successful venture and effective long-term hires. Partnering with The Viridity Group saves you time and allows you to focus on what matters most, growing your business with the right team.

Why The Viridity Group

Top Level Talent

We understand what it takes to attract the right talent to your team and build successful long-term employees who provide quality and dependable services.

Highly Secure Hiring

We vet and screen all potential candidates. Any job candidate that is unqualified or raises red flags is eliminated from our roster.

Guaranteed Results

In the event a candidate fails within 30 days, we will offer the client a refund and/or discount on the next referral.

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