Strategic Planning Services

The Viridity Group helps cannabis businesses to define their strategic plans and goals. Using business owners input we help to outline a company’s direction and create a road map to achieve these. We also help to assess potential dangers posed by market and state regulation changes.

For example, strategic direction and goals can include:

  • quantitative growth over a 5-year period,
  • an expansion of products and services offered
  • reducing production costs 
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As well as providing direction The Viridity Group also helps your team to prepare monthly and annual sales projections, looking at future qualifications and estimates to create a comprehensive forecast for the business as a whole and individual products.

Organizational Charts

The Viridity Group creates organizational charts which outline the internal structure of your cannabis business.  With these charts we are able to create a clear visual depiction of the hierarchy and ranks of different people, jobs, and departments that you will need to make your business a success. With this knowledge you will get a clear understanding of what jobs you require, the number of personnel needed, and where you need to add staff.

Compliance Auditing

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) performs routine inspections of the licensed marijuana establishments in the state.

CCC Investigators visit cannabis business and facilities and complete regulatory compliance audits and assist with the registration and licensing compliance process for the facilities, Its investigators ensure that retail locations, product manufacturers and cultivation centers  have an “understanding of and compliance with laws, rules and regulations.”

The Viridity Group has a clear understanding of what these regulations are and what the audits entail. We help business to remain compliant in all aspects of the business and to prepare for the audits. 

Community Planning Impact

Having a close working relationship with the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) we are able to help you define your best course of action to abide by their ever evolving and intricate cannabis regulations. This includes identifying the percentages of positions in your business which need to be allocated to people from specific communities and how to stay compliant with diversity hiring.

We also provide guidance and planning services on how to establish a plan to positively affect areas of disproportionate impact and adhere to the CCCs requirements for this. 

Some of the other issues that we help navigate include but are not limited to:

o Providing and connecting you to required skills-based training programs.
o Helping to hire or include individuals previously trained by the Commission’s Social Equity program
o Use of and application for grants
o Access and introductions to potential sources of capital
o Understanding regulations for cultivation, manufacturing, or retail spaces
o Management training or other forms of industry-specific technical training
o Formation of peer support groups
o Adhering to guidelines as to not violate regulations with respect to limitations on ownership and control

Below you will see the main areas and topics that we cover when helping business with community planning.

Community Impact Planing

Social Equity Programs

Social Equity Programs

We help address the impacts and legalities of MA social equity programs to actively engage people from communities of disproportionate impact and ensure their inclusion in the legal cannabis industry.

Community Advisory Boards

Community Advisory Boards

We help cannabis businesses to establish, build, and nurture their community advisory boards. We are adept at how to successfully run and maintain a well standing relationship between businesses and communities.

Veteran Outreach & Education

Veteran Outreach & Education

We advocate for veterans and cannabis in MA. by helping to coordinate and establish meetings  in order to improve US military veterans’ quality of life through the opportunity of cannabis.

Community Engagement Projects

Community Engagement Projects

After identifying a location for a proposed establishment but before applying for a license, prospective applicants must hold a community meeting and must execute a host community agreement with the municipality.


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