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The Viridity group is the premier resource for cannabis employee training. Our knowledge of state regulations and experience in cannabis allows us to train employees to the highest industry standards. We offer a variety of courses for employee certifications that helps cannabis businesses to flourish and employees grow in the field.

Our courses include:
o Responsible Vendor Training
o METRC Training
o Product Training
o Product Extraction Training
o Crisis Management


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For employees

We offer candidates a variety of training and certifications courses, increasing your potential value and appeal to employers. If you are looking to start in the cannabis industry there are state mandatory courses and training certificates that you must complete. When employers search for future potential candidates, having completed these courses increases your chances of being hired and allows you to start working immediately.

If you are already working in the cannabis industry your can advance your career by completing one of our courses related to your specific field.

For employers

A knowledgeable and well trained staff is key to launching and growing a successful cannabis business. Our expertise in state regulations and requirements allows us to train employees to the highest industry standards. We make sure that your team follows specific mandated regulations for cannabis businesses in Massachusetts and meet the requirements of all current and future state regulations.

As a result of having properly trained staff your dispensary will stand out above the rest, maximizing revenue, increasing customer confidence, and upholding a loyal customer base!

Contact us to learn more about our mandatory and optional training and certifications courses.

Responsible Vendor Training

As of January 1, 2020, Regulations in Massachusetts will require that all employees, licensed growers, managers, and any personnel that handles cannabis take a Responsible Vendor Training class through a certified state provider. The Viridity Group is proud to be one of the first certified trainers in the state to offer this course. Whether you are an employer looking to certify your employees or a candidate looking to certify yourself for future employment, The Viridity Group can make it happen.

Click here to learn more about Responsible Vendor Training, scheduling your class, and getting certified.

Our Main Training & Education Service

Responsible Vendor Training

Responsible Vendor Training

The Viridity Group is proud to be one of the first certified trainers in the state to offer Responsible Vendor Training. As January 1, 2020 this course will be required by the state for all all licensed growers, managers, and employees that handle cannabis. Contact us to learn more about this program and how to become certified.

Metrc Training

Metrc Training

Dispensary employees must familiarize themselves with METRC, a regulatory compliance system. METRC ensures compliance in the cannabis industry by identifying and tagging plants and cannabis products. It also serves as a unique point of sale (POS) platform that further serves to monitor the growth of marijuana, its transportation, and its sale. 

Product Training

Product Training

The Viridity Group offers extensive product training for you staff on all the cannabis products available the market, how to properly use them, their effects, and how they work. A knowlegable staff will maximize revenue, increased customer confidence, increase loyalty, and make sure your dispensary remains compliant.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

The cannabis industry draws extreme public and government scrutiny. Therefore, being prepared for crisis situations is an absolute necessity. At the Viridity group we offer course that will help prepare your business and employees for the inevitable.  Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the cannabis industry. They teach cannabis professionals how to lead, handle, and deal with the after math of crisis situations.

Extraction Training

Extraction Training

We provide training on how to operate safe extraction work environments and on how to produce top of the line cannabis concentrates. Our trained professionals have the knowledge, resources, and experience to operate a safe, compliant and efficient extraction lab. We also are able to help you with site planning, engineering, and local compliance to make sure your facilities are all up to code.



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